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The Original Schroth Cure

Experience the Schroth Cure diet in the very first hotel that offered the Cure in Oberstaufen.
In the year 2009 Oberstaufen celebrated 60 years of Schroth Cure and it is still the one and only place in Germany carrying out the original Schroth Cure according to its founder, Johann Schroth. In 1949 the Hotel Buttner (today the Hotel Bayerischer Hof) welcomed the very first Schroth Cure guest to Oberstaufen.
The Schroth Cure is a naturopathic treatment which has been carried out successfully for many years. Natural regeneration of the body is obtained by dietary measures and fasting. Alternating drinking methods on certain days, warm and cold body stimulation and exercise and rest are the major points of this Cure. Through the naturopathic treatment the body detoxifies and purifies, activating the body’s own self-healing powers.
It works effectively against illnesses such as:
•    Diabetes mellitus
•    Rheumatism, chronic inflammation and deterioration of joints
•    Migraine and high blood pressure
•    Disorders of the heart and circulation etc.
After a diet of  salt, fat and protein free weeks, regulated fluid intake days and the early morning cold/warm body wraps, the Schroth Cure guest, known lovingly here as the “Schrothler”, will experience a mental and physical well-being.