FAQ - Frequently asked questions

General questions

From what time can I move into my room?

Subject to unforeseen circumstances, your room is available from 3 p.m.

When do I have to leave my room on departure?

Check-out time is 11 a.m.

Is there a possibility of a late check-out?

Subject to availability, you can check out by 2 p.m. for an additional charge of €20. Please contact our reception team.

Do you have rooms suitable for the disabled?

Unfortunately, we are unable to offer disabled-friendly rooms.

Can I bring my dog?

Please inform us at the time of booking if you wish to arrive with a pet. For your pet we charge 15,- € per pet and stay without meals. Dogs are generally not allowed in our holiday flats.

Until when can I arrive at your hotel?

Our reception is staffed until 9 p.m. If you arrive later, we kindly ask you to inform us accordingly.

In the event of a late arrival, we have the option of keeping your key card in a safe for you. You will receive a code from us over the phone.

Is the reception open all the time?

No, our reception is open daily from 7 a.m. to 9 p.m. If you leave earlier or arrive later, please let us know.

Do I have to pay tourist tax?

The town Oberstaufen charges a tourist tax of currently €3.50 per adult/day or for children from 7 years up to and including 14 years of €1.75 per day. The tourist tax is not included in the room rate. If you are travelling to Oberstaufen for business, there is the possibility of a visitor's tax exemption.

For persons with disabilities (with a degree of disability of at least 70% and corresponding proof) the fee is reduced by 25%. Persons with a degree of disability of at least 80 % and corresponding proof are free of contribution. Accompanying persons with disabilities who have entered a "B" in their severely disabled card are free of charge. We ask for your understanding that we can only take these circumstances into account if it has been announced in advance, as we have to apply for a reduction or exemption of the tourist tax on our part.

Where can I park my car?

A limited number of free outdoor spaces are available for parking. For a parking space in our underground garage we charge €7,- per car/night.

If you would like to book a parking space in the underground garage, please check in at the reception. At reception you will receive your room card enabling you to access the underground garage. The sensor for the card is the black box on the left side of the garage entrance.

What are your cancellation conditions?

The cancellation conditions depend on the booked rate. Please note that cancellation conditions may vary when booking via other portals (booking. com, HRS, expedia, Kurzurlaub. de) or travel agencies.

What is the Allgäu Walser Card?

With the Allgäu Walser Card you get discounts on mountain rides, events and numerous leisure facilities, and you can use the local buses free of charge. The Allgäu Walser Card is available on request at our reception. It is not issued automatically, as it is issued with a deposit.

Is there a “Oberstaufen Plus Card” in the Bayerischer Hof?

No. After weighing up the advantages and disadvantages and conducting extensive interviews with our guests, we have decided against participating in Oberstaufen Plus. Participating in Oberstaufen Plus would mean that we would have to pay a fee for every night our guests stay – regardless of whether our guests use the services of the Oberstaufen Plus Card. We do not want to increase our room rates as a result of this fee, but rather leave it up to our guests to decide which services they want to use.

Is the Wi-Fi free of charge?

Wi-Fi is available free of charge throughout the hotel.

What types of payment are possible for you?

You can settle your bill by cash, debitcard, Visa, Mastercard or American Express.

We ask for your understanding that we can only accept payments on account in exceptional cases and only from an amount of €180.

How is an invoice at your hotel structured?

On the invoice the room price is split up into several items: accommodation, ancillary accommodation costs and breakfast. The tourist tax is also shown separately and is not included in the room rate.

Ancillary accommodation costs include services that are not to be assigned to the actual overnight stay (e. g. the wellness area). For tax reasons we are obliged to split up the room price on the invoice, as different services are taxed at different VAT rates: accommodation at 7%, all other services at 19%.

We kindly ask you for your understanding that we are legally obliged to issue invoices showing ancillary accommodation costs as well as breakfast separately and that these cost items cannot be taken off your invoice.

Please see § 32 UStDV .

Is it possible to buy the Bayerische Hof Kuh (plush stuffed animal)?

Yes, you are welcome to buy our little mascot at our reception for a price of €19.50.

Questions about breakfast and restaurant

Is breakfast included in the room rate?

Breakfast is included in the room rate. However, for tax reasons, breakfast is shown separately on the invoice at €7.41 (see also “Invoicing”).

What time is breakfast being served?

Breakfast hours are from 6.30 a.m. to 11 a.m.

Is half board available at your hotel?

You are welcome to book our half board which comprises a three-courses-meal for dinner. For half board we charge €29 per day. Half board can only be booked for the entire stay and only in advance.


What are the opening hours of your restaurant?

Our restaurant Stadlers is open in the evening from 6 p.m. to 9 p.m. Please reserve a table if you would like to eat à la carte. In the low season our restaurant is closed on Sundays & Mondays after breakfast.