The History of Hotel Bayerischer Hof

The history of our hotel dates back to the year 1723 when the premises were first mentioned in a tax book from the Staufen reign. 

On 19th October 1785 the building was completely destroyed by a devastating fire. 

After the reconstruction of the building, Josef Aurel Stadler opened in - what was then known as “House number 71” - a shop selling cloth as well as an extensive range of cheese products.

Today our Restaurant Stadlers & Bar is located here!  In 1856 Franz Büttner purchased the house and opened his guesthouse “Büttner”. 

Another milestone in the history of the hotel – as well as for the town of Oberstaufen - was in 1949 when the first Schroth Cure guests were welcomed to “Hotel Büttner”.  Since 1989 our house is known as “Hotel Bayerischer Hof”

Since 1998 Hotel Bayerischer Hof has been managed by the Levinger family.

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