Terms & Conditions

Dear guest:
We will do our very best to make your stay as comfortable as possible. This also includes that you know exactly which services we offer and what your obligations are towards us. Please note that terms and conditions are a part of all agreements and that you accept these with your signature.

1.) Finalization of an agreement
The agreement is finalized when the hotel has accepted and confirmed a room and/or catering order in writing.

2.) Arrival and departure
Unless otherwise agreed upon, the hotel will release booked rooms on arrival-day after 3 p.m., on departure-day rooms must be cleared by 11 a.m. at the latest. In the event of a late departure before 6 p.m., the hotel reserves the right to charge up to 50% of the price, after that up to 100% of the price. Reserved rooms must be occupied by 6 p.m. on arrival-day or the hotel must be informed about the late arrival in written, otherwise the hotel may resell reserved rooms as required. The buyer must provide a guest list no later than one week before arrival.

3.) Confirmed number of participants food & beverage-services
The buyer must confirm the number of participants no later than three days before the event with the hotel. This confirmed number of participants is used for billing purposes.

4.) Cancellation
Cancellation up to 4 weeks before your date of arrival is free of charge regardless of the time of booking. Up to 2 weeks before arrival we chrge 50% of the price of your accomodation. After that you will be charged 80 % of the room rate. This is also the case for the nights of an early departure. The cancellation has to be in writing. 

b. Cancellation deadlines for hotel rooms booked by local business clients:
A maximum of 3 rooms can be cancelled free of charge by 4 p.m. on arrival-day. Cancellations after 4 p.m. and cancellations of more than 3 rooms on arrival-day are billed with 80% of the bookings unless rooms can be resold. Above cancellation periods are extended by 3 days if 10 or more hotel rooms are booked. Above cancellation periods are extended by 7 days if 25 or more hotel rooms are booked. During trade-shows cancellation periods are up-dated and included in each individual confirmation of a reservation.

c. Cancellation fees for hotel rooms and packages for event clients:
A purchaser may cancel a reservation free of charge up to 30 days before the beginning of the event.
Cancellations up to 14 days before the beginning of the event are charged at 50% of the bookings. Cancellations up to 7 days before the beginning of the event are charged at 70% of the bookings.Cancellations up to 3 days before the beginning of the event are charged at 90% of the bookings. Cancellations received later are charged at 100% of the bookings. Above cancellation periods are extended by 7 days if 20 or more hotel rooms are booked. Above cancellation periods are extended by 14 days if 40 or more hotel rooms are booked.

5.) No-show / cancellation fees
If reserved bookings remain unclaimed, the purchaser is liable for paying the reserved bookings as follows:
100% for room reservations
85% for half board reservations
70% for full board reservations
In the event of additional expenses for the hotel, e.g. through sub-contracts, a receipt will be provided and expenses are to be reimbursed in full.

6.) Payments
All bills provided by the hotel are to be paid without deductions within 14 days of receipt. The hotel reserves the right to negotiate pre-payment in order to fulfill its obligations. In the event of a late pre-payment, the hotel may terminate a finalized agreement.

7.) Buyer liability to the hotel
The buyer is liable to the hotel with joint obligation for all damages or claims caused by him or his guests directly or indirectly. The hotel is liable in accordance with German Civil Code for items brought inside, unless the room or the container from which the items were removed was unlocked. Valuables must be left with the front desk in exchange for a receipt in order for any liabilities to come into effect.

8.) Liability disclaimer of the hotel
The hotel reserves the right to sub-contract any part of a program related to supporting events and transfers booked through the buyer. Hereby the hotel is committed to always act in the name and interest of the buyer as an intermediary and the hotel is not liable for the due completion of sub-contracted services. In the event of any claims for indemnification of the buyer through the sub-contractor, the buyer must inform the sub-contractor directly. Bills issued by the hotel to the buyer and his obligation to pay the bill remain unaffected by the above.

9.) Other items
The hotel reserves the right to terminate an agreement in the event of Acts of Nature beyond control or labour disputes which would result in the inability to perform its obligations; the hotel will be held harmless and no claims for indemnity can be made. Room allocations, technology, rented premises or supporting events are permitted as long as no major interests of the buyer are affected. Governing law is Germany and place of jurisdiction and venue is the location of the hotel. Should individual items of these terms and conditions become invalid then the other items will remain effective.