With the original Oberstaufen Schrothkur, Oberstaufen is now known worldwide. One can say that Schrothkur is synonymous with Oberstaufen. Anyone who tells you at home that he is taking a Schroth cure will be immediately asked if he is going to Oberstaufen. 

The cure nature is an own development of the house and a variant for weight reduction, vitality and purification.

Schroth Cure

The Original Oberstaufen Scrap Treatment is a holistic naturopathic treatment in which the body is thoroughly relieved and detoxified within a few weeks.

Cure Nature

The cure nature uses the knowledge of the Schroth cure, allows however additionally fruits, vegetables as well as salads of the season in the food plan and offers you a varied, very healthy cure food with shining successes with the weight reduction, purification and normalization of the physical values.