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History of the Schroth Cure

The founder, Johann Schroth was the first to realise how important the body’s self-healing powers were, and the Cure which he developed over 200 years ago, has been carefully tailored to our present day demands.
Just like Sebastian Kneipp, Johann Schroth first practised treatments on himself. In the year 1817 his right knee was injured by his horse kicking him with its hoof. In a small town called Nieder- Lindewiese, which today belongs to the Czech Republic, he tried out a treatment on himself. Using cold, wet wraps, that eventually warmed slowly and naturally, he successfully cured his injuries. He became aware of how animals use their instincts, by automatically eating less when they are ill. They refuse to eat and have very little to drink during this period. This triggers the body’s immune system and self-healing powers. Eating and drinking costs the body an enormous amount of energy and the metabolism is strained. Fasting means that the body is relieved and is able to release energy so that the body can recuperate from within.
Due to the Second World War and the flood of refugees in to the west, the Schroth Cure lost its homeland. In 1947 Doctor Hermann Brosig brought his knowledge and beliefs of this naturopathic treatment from Nieder-Lindewiese to Oberstaufen. Once he arrived here he was taken aback by the splendour of the landscape. He found that the town and its surroundings and the climate would be the perfect place to start the Schroth Cure anew, and that Oberstaufen possessed its very own healing powers, which would in return, serve the purpose. On the 11th of January 1949 the very first Schroth Cure guest arrived by train to Oberstaufen and that was the beginning of the success story we know of today. Oberstaufen is the only recognised Schroth Health Spa in Germany and will always have a strong bond to Johann Schroth.